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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Inspirational Sports Speaking Presentation: Achieving the Impossible

Ever wonder how certain athletes, certain people, are able to accomplish objectives (goals) through adverse conditions or circumstances that look, from the outside, to be insurmountable?

I mean, how is it that people like Jim Abbott (former one-handed pitcher), Wilma Rudolph (polio survivor who was never expected to walk again, yet won 3 gold medals in track), or the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team (who went on to win gold after defeating the best hockey team on the planet, the Russians, in the semis) are able to "beat the odds." Examples like this exist at all levels of competition, and in all types of sports. Even though few in number, they are there representing a pinnacle of performance not many seem to be able to reach - or that is what most believe.

But what if you could? What if there was a secret? Some attribute that these individuals learned through their life experiences, or subconsciously knew before they traveled their path to greatness, that allowed them to reach their full potential.

Over the past year, I have had the wonderful opportunity to speak directly to athletes, coaches, and parents regarding how the "impossible" is achieved. It is through these inspirational speaking presentations that I attempt to answer that question posed in the paragraph above, and in doing so inspire others to make choices that lead them toward increasing their chances of success.

The imbedded video below gives a 10 minute clip of the 1+ hour long presentation. This particular one was given to approximately 60 athletes and coaches. You should get a good sense of the thought process that leads to achievement through adversity even though only a portion of the presentation is represented here.

Feel free to comment on the video, or the topic as a whole, if you like.

"The Power To Become Whatever And Whomever You Decide, And the Realization That You Actually Have This Power, Is One Of The Greatest Gifts A Person Can Give To Themselves"

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