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Monday, March 01, 2010

College Recruits Getting Younger and Younger: Kindergarten the next great recruiting venue!!!

Ok, let me make sure I have this right. According to ESPN Los Angeles, Sills, 13, commits to USC, and MaxPreps, Delaware seventh-grader is a USC commit, we now have 13-year-old student athletes making college commitments. Is this for real? Do 13-year-olds even know what size underwear their mom buys them, let alone what college will be the best fit five years into their future?

Look, I am all about dedication, commitment, setting high goals, and becoming the best one can be; however, adding to that the challenge of college decision-making at such a young age? Not so sure about that one.
I was aware of, and did expect, a difference between my college recruitment and commitment and my oldest daughter's, but there was almost a thirty-year difference between those time frames. I even noticed the difference between the recruiting of my two daughters, with age range involving three years, but I attributed some of this to different sports played. But 7th grade?

Considering all points and positions, is this really in the best interest of the young athlete involved, of any athlete in this age bracket? I mean what's next, kindergarten recruiting?

I can see it now as a deluge of college coaches from Purdue, Kansas, North Carolina, Kentucky, Duke, and Villanova pile into an elementary school gymnasium to watch little Johnny "basketball" dribble through his kindergarten classmates en route to the basket. "Hey," as coach John Calipari leans back toward assistant John Robic sitting behind him and whispers in a soft but audible tone, "How do you think little Johnny will look in blue and white?"


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