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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Four Attributes That Lead To Athletic Greatness

Have you ever gone to a sporting event and noticed that the better players, the ones who stand out head and shoulders above the rest, all seem to have something in common with each other? That they, for some reason, tend to play harder, show more emotion, demonstrate a high level of skill, can consistently perform at an elevated level and seem to be the players, or player, that a team rallies around and looks to for their success. You know who I am speaking of, the ones that make a difference.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


My objective, through the writing of my forthcoming book Becoming a True Champion and the articles I publish on my blog, center on giving back to those willing to look at a perspective I believe can help them accomplish any goal they set. It was through an experience I had in high school sports, an epiphany of sorts, that I learned about myself and about what can be accomplished, if the right principles are applied, even though the odds dictate otherwise.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Part II: It’s All In Your Point of View – An athlete’s perspective can make all the difference

In part I of It’s All In Your Point of View, I detailed a discussion my friend Jim and I had on the way home from a tennis match recently. This discussion centered its focus on the differences between our perspectives on our collegiate sports experiences compared to many of today’s youths, and their parents’, perspective. My purpose was to help answer the question, Why are their perspectives so different? Below is a list of several intrinsic-type components that, in my mind, help an athlete develop a better more positive perspective and, in the end, bring more enjoyment and fulfillment back to them. At least if they stay much more focused in these areas as their reasoning behind why they play.


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