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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tim Tebow: Can He Make It In The NFL?

In perusing the internet looking for various sports stories of interest, I came across several conversations about Tim Tebow and what others think he can and can't accomplish. This young quarterback from Florida is currently facing the daunting task of silencing his critics and becoming a premiere NFL quarterback, something I believe to be a goal of his based on what I have read.

Now, I certainly do not claim myself to be an expert on football (especially quarterbacks), something I am sure my colleagues where I teach, and coached, would be quick to point out given half the chance. However, I do believe I have some insight into what it takes to overcome adversity in athletics (Becoming a True Champion). Tim's story, still at its beginning, just hits home with me.

So as I searched the internet for more information on Tim, his personality (as best as I could gather), work ethic, character, skill set, etc., etc., what I find is a young man with great internal strength of will who (according to some "experts") has certain technical issues (wide throwing stance, poor release, etc.) that hamper his chances for NFL greatness. All things, to me, that can be overcome with proper training.

Well, as I stated earlier, I am not an expert in football, not even a big football fan, but I am most assuredly a fan of any athlete, any person, willing to take on challenges related to one's destiny. The kind of obstacles that create a situation of adversity, that from the outside appeas to be difficult, maybe even impossible, to achieve. This is what makes Tebow's story so compelling.

Now the one thing, above all others, essential for Tim Tebow to achieve the success he seeks, and shut the door on all his critics and naysayer's, centers on the amount of inner will and determination he brings to his training and competitive table each and every day.

This is something I speak to athletes about regularly through my Inner Will & Determination Presentations, something I believe too many don't take into account when discussing one's ability to achieve goals through adverse conditions. And it is something I detect is very strong within Tim Tebow as I read more about him and watch this young athlete speak on his Pro Day Recap.

Tim Tebow's NFL story is one that has yet to be completed; in fact, it is he who will write it, not the experts, nor the media, nor anyone else. And from my perspective, at least from what I have read, he has the "right pen" (stuff) for this story.


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