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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Strong Leadership

Strong leadership, like a river,
keeps moving no-matter what lies in its path

Whether sand, rock, or even a mountain;
water will always find its way

It may be forceful or subtle, yet,
always present and relentless

Never giving in and never giving up
Wearing away any resistance that it encounters

It will take any course necessary in order to accomplish its goal
Whatever that goal might be

Yes, leadership is like a river, always moving forward and always in a positive direction, bringing with it all that it surrounds

Like a team with a captain steering the ship through treacherous waters setting the right example with his or her positive actions, choices and behavior

Never giving up, never giving in, and with true belief in their teammates and the direction they wish to travel

And like a river, always moving that team forward, and in a positive direction,
toward its ultimate potential and toward their ultimate goal

Whatever that goal might be


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