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Sunday, May 25, 2008

What We Truly Want to Teach and, in the End, Really Want “Them” to Learn

If you have visited my website Becoming a True Champion and/or this blog, and taken some time to read the information/material available, you have probably noticed my definite and deliberate focus on the value of the intrinsic rewards that can be gained through participation in competitive sports if the athlete holds the right attitudes and perspectives and puts forth his or her highest efforts. It is certainly a major focal point in my book Becoming a True Champion and a concept I refer to time and time again.
For me, it has always been much more about what’s inside and much less about the extrinsic (external) rewards and accolades that can be gained through athletic success. However, for many, this term “intrinsic,” and thus intrinsic reward, may be difficult to visualize in a real sense. It most assuredly is not something concrete that can be touched or felt from the outside but is something that you gain internally, something on the inside. Once gained, the application to other aspects of your life allow for greater chances of future success, happiness, fulfillment, and self-satisfaction. And not just for you, but for others as well. I suppose this is what is meant by learning through “life lessons.” In order to bring some real, emotional, and visual reality to this concept, I have discovered a couple of Youtube videos that do an excellent job of bringing forward what it truly is all about. Similar in nature to my previous blog post on Dustin Carter, Video Demonstration of a “True Champion,” these two videos put in perspective exactly what “we truly want to teach” and “really want ‘them’ to learn.”

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