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Monday, February 18, 2008

Great Youth Sports Websites #1

While surfing the net I came across several websites that encourage and promote a healthy experience for young athletes. I would recommend that any athlete, parent, or coach involved in youth, high school, and even collegiate sports take a look at what the following sites support. All, in one way or another, seem to have a mission that centers on improving and changing the current trends many see developing in sports today. There is a wealth of knowledge, experience, and information available on most of the websites listed.

Here is my list (something I may add to as time goes on):

Weplay: Parent, Athlete, Coaches, Fans Sports Website

The Educated Sports Parent: Great Information for Parents

JKB Ranch: Leadership Training for Athletes

JKB Ranch: News Site/Blog About JKB

Parents for Good Sports: Grea Information for Parents

Positive Coaching Alliance: Teaching the Double Goal Coach Principle

Institute for International Sport: Promotes a Positive Experience in Sports
Play Sports Television: Youth Sports Training Site

National Council of Youth Sports: Who's who in the youth sports industry

Team Score: Great Youth Sportsmanship Website


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